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Carl Friedrich Gauß Letters

The complete correspondence of Carl Friedrich Gauß

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This site lists all known letters written by and to Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777-1855). It informs about the location of the existing autographs or copies and also about printed editions or citations of the individual letters. Missing details, e.g. the dates on which or the place from which the letters were sent, have been added as far as possible.

Currently the site provides scans, digitized printed editions and/or transcriptions of about 83% of the letters. These will be completed successively. The metadata of the letters have been made available by Prof. Dr. Menso Folkerts (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), who also has provided transcriptions of a large part of the letters. Information about previously unknown letters and other comments are welcome. They should be sent to Prof. Folkerts or to the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Göttingen.

This presentation was developed by the Department “Digital Library” of the State and University Library in Göttingen on behalf of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen.

About the person of Carl Friederich Gauß and his scientific importance see Wikipedia.

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